Mental Health as a Community Endeavor

I am not one to often quote the Talmud, but there is one quote I really like that goes “A prisoner cannot free themselves from jail”, meaning, no matter how

Buddhist geeks screenshot
Buddhist Geek’s Transparent Generosity Model

Vince Horn is the founder of Buddhist Geeks, a non-profit focused on promoting meditation, specifically social and out-loud meditation. As Vince related in his annual report video, his program began

How I Pitch Prodana

Some people have a tendency when they have a startup idea, to keep it under wraps lest someone steal it from them. I do relate to this fear, but I

How Prodana is Different Than Patreon

At first glance, there are definitely similarities between Prodana and Patreon, the popular membership platform where artists and creators can build and maintain a relationship with their “patrons”, who financially

Crowdfunding for Therapists

When I first had the idea for Prodana, one of the first things I did was research whether something like this already existed, and I looked up crowdfunding platforms for