How it Works

Prodana is an innovative pay-it-forward crowdfunding platform, dedicated to helping mental health practitioners raise more money so they can do more good.

Create Your

Each practitioner creates their own profile which serves both as their crowdfunding page and a means for client to reach out for help.

Collect Contributions and Feedback

Prodana was built to create a positive feedback loop between yourself, your clients, and your contributors.

Integrate your payment methods

Connect your Stripe account to start collecting contributions from clients who want to pay their experience forward and help you help others.

Define a value of a session

Whenever you complete a session, Prodana pays out the session value from the totals you’ve raised. Prodana collects a 2.9% platform fee on funds raised.

Let people know about what you offer

Your page explains to both contributors and clients what type of value you offer and how you help people.

Raise Funds and Awareness

Your profile represents a single destination for providing help to others, receiving contributions to support session costs, and showcasing your successful track record.

prodana homepage mockup
Campaign page displays your stats

Your campaign page transparently shows how much money you have raised and how many people you have helped.

Let people contact you -

your page allows individuals to reach out to help; use your regular client screening and onboarding methods to ensure they are a good fit.

Use it your way

Implement your Prodana crowdfunding page as your primary method of billing, or use it to supplement your existing billing system.