Prodana Giving

Prodana Giving is the charitable wing of Prodana, the pay-it-forward crowdfunding platform committed to doing more good by “putting giving first”.

Our Mission

Prodana Giving’s mission is to promote the mental health and well-being of all people in the following ways:


Making more funds available to individuals who need help but can’t afford it, and developing innovative solutions to help drive more funds to the mental health sector.


Increasing the number of people available to support others by investing in resources and training programs – both emotional support training as well as marketing and private practice resources.


Increasing awareness of the benefits of therapy in general, and somatic, embodiment, and mindfulness practices in particular. We invest in training, curriculum, and workshops to empower mental health practitioners to be more effective in their practices

Our Values

Belief in Goodness

We believe that humans are inherently good, and in taking gables on human goodness which will pay off in the long run. A part of this is the understanding that the key to healing others is who we are as people, more than any specific technique employed.

Efficiency and Authenticity

We believe in being as lean as possible, both in our operations, and in our work with others. We are always seeking the most powerful systems and modalities that can impact the most people with the least amount of resources, and strive to be transparent in every step of our process.

Invest in Beginners

We believe that recent graduates of training programs have a unique potential in addressing the global mental health crisis: they are idealistic, affordable, and more effective than they themselves realize. Investing in new talent can have outsized returns in the long run by harness their loyalty to the cause.


As much as possible, we strive to separate personal ego and interests from our mission. Real good is done regardless of recognition, those who choose to give would hopefully do so in a vacuum, simply because they want to. By striving to recognize and move past any selfish or attachment-based inclinations, we can achieve greater things. 

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Help Our Efforts

Make a one time or recurring contribution to support our efforts to make mental health accessible to all. 

Prodana Giving operates under the auspices of
Pledges, Inc, a 501c3 nonprofit organization based out of
Delaware. EIN Number 36-4963438.