How to Introduce Your Prodana Crowdfunding Page to the World

Prodana represents a creative and non-conventional way to fund your support for others. While it’s been anecdotally successful, it’s still an unfamiliar model for many people.

Our mission is to help this approach to therapy and healing much more common, and we’ve come up with some scripts that you can use to help introduce your new Prodana page to the world.

Feel free to customize them for your specific model and use-cases.

Here are some general tips you might notice we’ve implemented in our scripts:

  • Speak personally, from the heart. Your passion is infectuous, and people will be investing in you and your contribution to the world
  • Talk about the impact you’ve had. Refer to past examples of successes you’ve had, and frame Prodana as an opportunity to share it with the others.
  • Explain how Prodana works. Let people know that they can make different types of contributions on your page, and that the money goes directly to support your work because you only get paid when you complete sessions. Finally, let them know that they’ll be given updates about the impact their contribution has made.
  • Present it as an opportunity. This is a chance for people to make an investment in you and the good you do. Frame it as a choice they can make, not something they need or should do.

For new clients you are onboarding

This script is meant for a new client who you are choosing not to bill at all, relying entirely on your generosity and that of previous supporters.

I look forward to working with you. 

I use a pay-it-forward model in my practice, which means I won't be sending you a bill for our time together. Your sessions are always funded by others generosity, and you, in turn, will have the chance to do the same for others. 

After each session, you'll get email from inviting you to pay your experience forward. If you benefited from our sessions and the work we do together, you can make a contribution to help others benefit as well. 

You can make a one time or recurring contribution based on your own experiences, financial ability, and what you're inspired to give. I want our work together to focus on supporting you without thinking about bills or your financial situation.

For new clients who also pay a fee

Even if your clients pay you for your work together, they may very well appreciate just how beneficial and impactful your work together is, and would want to help make it available to more people.

There is often a recognition that your work together is worth more than your hourly rate, and that others may not be as fortunate to be able to pay for it.

This script can be automatically added at the bottom of an invoice or billing email.

If you have benefited from our work together, I wanted to invite you to pay your experience forward to others. 

I offer counseling at a reduced cost to those who cannot afford my standard rates, and I wanted to present you with the chance to be a part of my mission to make therapy available to all who need it. 

If you're inspired now, or at any point in the future, you can make a contribution on my Prodana page that will go directly to those who need it.

For past clients

Many clients appreciate how you’ve helped them years later. If you have an email list of past clients, you can reach out to them to inform them of your new Prodana page.

It has been a while since we worked together, and I hope you are doing well. 

As part of my commitment to making therapy available to all, I have created a page on that allows me to offer help to those who need it but can't support it. 

If you feel like our work together was impactful and you'd like others to benefit from it as well, you can make a one-time or recurring contribution on my page. I don't want you to feel any pressure at all to make a contribution, please only give if you're inspired to do so.

For your community

Many people who know you personally may be inspired to support your work even if they haven’t benefited from it directly. They can still share in your vision and good you bring to the world.

You may have an existing practice that you’re adding Prodana to, or a new practice you’re just launching, you might use slightly different language in each case. These scripts can be great social media posts, which pose a non-pushy way of letting people support your cause if they’d like.

About your existing practice

Hi all! As you know, I've been helping people with my hypnotherapy practice for several years now, and it's been incredibly inspiring. I focus especially on trauma, and I've been honored to be a part of people's transformations as they heal their past create a better future for themselves. 

I would love to help anyone who needs it, but unfortunately many people are not able to afford therapy exactly when they need it the most. I recently created a page on which allows others to join me in my mission by making single or recurring contributions which go directly to funding sessions for others who can't afford it. 

If you feel inspired to, please visit my page to learn more about what I'm doing and make a contribution - you'll be updated regularly about the impact of your contribution and the people it has helped.  

About your new practice

Hi everyone! I am excited to have recently graduated from the Hogwarts School of Hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy has profoundly changed my own life and it's been a dream of mine for a long time to help bring it to others. 

Hypnosis sessions can be intense, sometimes running over an hour and half at a time. My mission is to be able to help everyone regardless of their ability to afford a hypnosis session - If you'd like to help me bring this powerfully beneficial modality to all everyone who needs it, I invite you to make a single or recurring contribution on my Prodana page. 

All funds contributed will be paid to me only when I complete a session, and you'll be kept updated about the impact your contribution has made. Thank you!

Email signature

Adding a link to Prodana to your email signature is a great, non-intrusive way to let people know more about your page without feeling any pressure that might come from a direct-ask. Here’s an example of what that might look like:

Help me share the benefits of hypnosis with more people - make a contribution on my Prodana page. 


Hopefully these various examples help you come up with your own messaging with which to frame your Prodana offering, as well as some creative avenues you may have thought of for sharing it with more people who might be interested in contributing.

Here’s to helping more people by paying it forward!


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