Community Circle

Partners for Mental Health and Wellness

Prodana believes that mental health is a community responsibility. We provide the tools and initiatives to unify mental health professionals around shared locations, causes, and demographics.

United Front

Multiple practitioners can join forces to tackle a common need, whether its in their city, their community, or their area of expertise.


Prodana ensures that funds earmarked for specific projects are distributed only once people have actually been helped, and quantifies the impact of the project.

Increased Leverage

Uniting multiple practitioners in a transparent and accountable way allows institutional funds and resources to be collected and distributed to benefit the community as a whole.

We believe

People who often need the most help are least able to help themselves, often because of financial limitations.

Mental health and emotional struggles are often part of a perfect storm of difficult physical circumstances, limited financial resources, and a lack of interpersonal support.

The private sector typically still offers the best solutions, but is often unattainable at the time to a person in crisis.

We believe

Removing the transactional nature from the personal growth process can result in even more resources allocated towards people's wellbeing.

We believe

People will gladly support other people's emotional and personal growth, without the need for personal recognition or direct payback.

The process of personal growth is a private and personal one. Giving in this field is ideally done with this same sensitivity. Reports of hours spent in service, as well as anonymized anecdotes of successes and breakthrows, are all we need to find meaning in our giving.


Anecdotally, there are entire movements as well as individual practitioners who have sustained their giving on this model.

The Vipassana meditation network is founded entirely on Dana gifts, and only from people who have participated in their retreats.

Some pracitioners report a greater abundance of income after switching to this modality.

This model of paying it forward can work with any service based profession, especially one with simpler deliverables, such as a quantified therapy session. Our main focus is mental health practitioners, but we envision a world where this communal model is extended to other spaces as well.

It is a commonly accepted principle in therapy that the more a client is invested in their own journey, the more successful they will be.

We encourage all clients to be invested, not just in their own journey, but in actually allowing others to take the same journey they have. Each dollar spent is not just a dollar invested in themselves, but in a framework of healing for themselves and others.

Anecdotally, we believe that there are clients who can see tremendous growth even without investing money into their process – this is usually expressed through commitment to the process, gratitude, and referral of others.

It is ultimately the reponsibility of both practitioner and client to gauge if this model brings out the best in them.

Our platform is simply one more way to make therapy sustainable for more people. You can combine a profile on our site with your own conventional private practice billing or volunteered hours.

Prodana charged a platform fee of 3%, in addition to charges made by the credit card processing companies. 

We use Stripe for our credit card processing, which typically charges 2.9% + $0.30 on all transactions.

Payouts to your account are handled in by either Stripe or PayPal. Stripe is more affordable, at around $0.25 + 0.25% per transfer; while PayPal typically charges around 2%. We recommend receiving payouts with Stripe if you are technically able to.

Prodana’s mission is to provide services worldwide, and support a mental health transformation around the globe. 

Funds get processed into our US based bank, via Stripe, which means people can make contributions for any of the 135+ currencies that Stripe supports. 

It’s a bit more complicated when it comes to payouts, because Stripe only supports specific countries with their Stripe connect cross-border payout system.

We plan on adding PayPal payouts to supplement our payout system and support more countries, but this will be a bit more expensive due to their fees, and is still under development.