Update: Filming Videos, Making Prototypes

It’s been a tough few weeks as I dad almost full time while also holding down a day job. The passion is still strong though, which is cool because most of my interests fade after a few days or weeks.

But I have been making some progress.

We have a basic website up and running. I’ve met with Tema to discuss the layout of the website and the platform and we’re very far from where we want to be. But still, we have a few key pages in place as well as some forms to help people sign up and stay updated even as we roll out more features.

I got our logo and brand guidelines designed. I have a great designer who I’ve worked with in the past, we have something workable for now – it’s not worth spending a lot of time on logos this early on.

Non-profit connections: I’m working on a document to help us join forces with a non profit to give us tax deductibility status. Our vision is to be a value-based for profit company, but parts of what we do can still be linked to non profits as we work to make people’s lives better; the hope is that this will create the structure to allow people to provide us with seed money more freely.

We filmed for our promo video yesterday. Zev Schwartz set up two cameras and a teleprompter and I did a few takes of a script I wrote with the help of Mike, who also directed. It’s really cool to work with other people on a project like this, and I’m always inspired when I see people take their own initiative on things and just make it happen. We’re moving on to editing now.

I’m still working on a prototype for the initial web platform. I’m building it around my own page, which will have the basic abilities of booking a session, as well as one time and recurring donations. I paid someone on Fiverr to create a shortcode that manually displays the data from these specific Woocommerce products that I have linked. It’s far from being able to scale – each profile needs to be manually created and set up – but it gets the job done of getting the stats publicly displayed on the profile, which is a key part of the process. Still sorting out some bugs though.

I’ve been talking about Prodana with everyone I meet. On the spectrum of keeping your ideas a secret vs. telling the whole world, I definitely err on the latter. I do sometimes experience some fear related to others stealing my idea, or even rejecting it as a bad one. This is all a theory after all. But overall reception to the idea has been great, and it’s really cool to see individual people contributing their insights or connections. A few people have discussed mentioning the concept to therapists they know, which I really appreciate.

That’s all for now, we’re trying to plug away with the time and resources that we have.


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