The 3×3 Project

The 3×3 Project is a micro-grant program by Prodana Giving to incentivize recent graduates of mental-health and personal growth training programs to implement their newfound knowledge in the real world, with actual clients.

We believe in the power of beginners – recent graduates of programs are motivated, open to learn and adapt, and often have peer and mentorship supervision of their work. They are open to Prodana’s mission of First Do Good, since the experience they gain is particularly valuable and their motivation to help others is tangible.

The program earmarks $360 per recipient practitioner, sponsoring up to $40 a session for three clients to have three sessions with the practitioner.

Expected Impact – our initial pilot program aims to fund 10 practitioners, who in turn will provide 9 sessions each, resulting in a total of 90 therapy sessions subsidized by the program.


Below is our criteria for selecting eligible candidates for our project.

  1. Practitioner must have graduated from a certified training program or course in the past two years.
  2. Priority will be given to new practitioners without existing established private practice, as defined by working with less than three regular clients a week.
  3. Agree to use Prodana’s system for tracking sessions, collecting feedback, and receiving grant payouts. After conducting your first session with each of your clients, Prodana will deposit $120 into your Prodana page, which will then distribute $40 to you at the end of each session once the client confirms the session occurred. You may bill clients separately for any additional amounts you choose.


  1. Fill out application form to provide basic information about yourself, your modality, and your target audience
  2. Include documentation of your certification or training
  3. Include a short video describing your passion for helping others and how the program will help you make an impact.