Shalom Shore

How I Pitch Prodana

Some people have a tendency when they have a startup idea, to keep it under wraps lest someone steal it from them. I do relate to this fear, but I

How Prodana is Different Than Patreon

At first glance, there are definitely similarities between Prodana and Patreon, the popular membership platform where artists and creators can build and maintain a relationship with their “patrons”, who financially

My Pay-What-You-Can Counseling Model

As a healer, I’ve never felt comfortable asking for money from people in need, especially if I sense that they would have trouble affording it. On the other hand, I

Crowdfunding for Therapists

When I first had the idea for Prodana, one of the first things I did was research whether something like this already existed, and I looked up crowdfunding platforms for

The Vipassana Approach to Giving

My first exposure to Vipassana meditation as taught by Goenka, was life changing. For the first time, it provided me with a set of tools to navigate my internal ups